Work At Home Scams
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Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko is a familiar face on television. He appears on a host of infomercials and makes grand claims that he has the complete know-how of procuring Federal grants for satisfying your needs. Matthew Lesko confidently states that getting your money through Federal grants, is just child’s play for him. He has also very “thoughtfully” compiled all his knowledge in a book, which you can buy for $60.

But how true are his claims? Does Matthew Lesko really deliver the goods? Unfortunately, no. The Government provide grants, yes, but these are few and very far in between. And they are applicable only to specific people. So if you don’t qualify for the grants, this book is completely useless.

And if you do qualify, then the protocol to claim your grant is long and tedious. There are numerous forms to fill. And various follow-on processes to observe. The entire process will definitely span a few months!

Matthew Lesko’s book is an insipid compilation of stale and ordinary facts. There’s nothing new or revolutionary in it. In fact, if you spend a little time researching on the internet, you’ll find much more informative articles – for free! The book’s price of $60 is completely baseless and totally unjustified.

Matthew Lesko doesn’t seem to believe in updating the book. Since the time he published it, Federal grants and their regulations have undergone a drastic change. But Matthew Lesko continues to peddle his outdated book... Not only are the facts in his book irrelevant, but even the address and contact numbers are outdated and no longer exist!

Matthew Lesko has a list of testimonials in his book. But all the testimonials sound like hollow words, and there’s no proof to back the praises. Also, there’s no mention of which grant they received, nor any details or specifications. It all sounds very ambiguous and dubious...

An extremely small percentage of people are actually eligible for Federal grants. Matthew Lesko cleverly hides this fact. He doesn’t even mention the frequency of availability of the grants. He paints a rosy, but untrue picture, that you can gain a regular income from grants.

Don’t fall into his trap! Keep away from this scheming scam guru...