Work At Home Scams
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My interest for Internet Marketing first began in mid 2004 when I started learning from a friend. The interest grew into a passion in no time.

The first few months were rough and I made close to no money online. I began learning from others and joining Internet Marketing forums and I now make a considerable extra income from the comfort of my home.

I decided to create this site so that I can help others learn from my mistakes and to let others in on my passion for this great opportunity.

That brings us to ScamReview. The idea with this site was simple: I wanted to encompass everything that relates to making money online. More specifically, I wanted to review anything promising online riches. My current situation is unique, in that I can afford both time and money for this cause, and it’s one I’m passionate about.

Ultimately, I hope to grow this site, with you. Please, converse with me regularly. Exchange any ideas and comments, and I'll do the same.

I plan to continue making money online. Do you?

To Your Success,

Pete Dempsey