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My Rich Jerk Review

Is The Rich Jerk Worth The Trouble?

The Rich Jerk is an icon in the virtual money making world. His obnoxious branding and marketing is the stuff made of legends. While the products' contents and pricing has changed over the years, the sales pitch has remained the same: I am better than you, so buy my product.

We know he is good at selling copies, but is the Rich Jerk eBook actually good? The Rich Jerk may be well written, informative, and will probably get you thinking about ways to make money. Just getting the gears in your head turning is a very important part of the money making process.

One thing that is good about the Rich Jerk is also bad in a way. He covers a variety of money making techniques. Affiliate marketing (more of a focus than anything), drop shipping, ad-sense websites, automated websites, etc. are all talked about. So while you get a good overview of these areas, it does leave you wanting more details on some things. If you know an area you are particularly interested in, you are better going with a product that covers that area more exclusively.

Then again, for a little more than $10 you can definitely get a more specialized eBook. I remember buying my own copy back in the day for closer to $50! Now it is only $10. How does he do this? Well, after you've bought the eBook, he is hoping you will buy more stuff that puts money in his pocket. So be prepared for up-sells if you decide to get one.