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The Clickbank Scam Question - What's up?

Is Clickbank a scam? I don't think so but I explain where that comes from.

I am writing this article to clear up some misconceptions about Clickbank. I have a lot of experience with this online retailer as an affiliate marketer and also as a consumer. There are enough people that either label Clickbank Scam or they think it is a scam (but don't know firsthand). I want to explain what Clickbank is and where the scam claim stems from.

What is Clickbank? is an online marketplace for digital and downloadable informational products. This online retailer provides product inventors and authors the tools necessary to sell their product. This online marketplace not only connects marketers with product owners, but they also handle the product order forms and transactions. Using Click bank, it is fairly easy for people to sell a product they have created.

Clickbank Scam

Although their staff reviews products before they are authorized for sale, the review process is probably not as stringent as it could be. This means some of the products being sold are not the best quality. Also, many of the sales pages authors write for their products are, well, over-promising to say the least. So when a consumer buys one of their digital product and the product does not deliver what they thought it would, then we have an angry customer.

That's the real situation right there: sub par products sold through their online marketplace causing angry customers who then perceive Clickbank as a fraud. Of course, Clickbank is not a fraudulent company. That's unlikely. But some of their products are misleading.

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Top Clickbank Products And Programs To Make Money From Home

It is always nice to dream about receiving money and getting rich quick. However, do not be taken advantage of by a Clickbank scam guru.

Most people do not get rich by working at home. Individuals have earned fast money online, but it does not occur for everybody. Getting rich requires hard work and patience.

How to make money with Clickbank

If a person is searching for a way to work at home, there are many options to choose from. It can be difficult to uncover a legitimate business. Here is an overview of the most popular ways to make money over the internet.

Paid Online Surveys

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. It sounds good, but it is important to be cautious.

Most businesses need marketing research. This can be expensive, so they use the internet as a cheaper alternative. They start paid survey businesses over the internet.

One benefit from paid surveys is it is very easy and fast. There is not a real bad side, except that a person need to learn the system to make decent money. Beginners start at the very bottom.

To work at home is a smart idea. It may be hard to start and even a bit overwhelming if a person does not know what to do. However, with a little effort, anyone can find work online that is enjoyable and pays the bills. To learn which ones are the best programs visit our section on "Paid Survey scam".

Drop Shipping

This is similar to affiliate marketing, but a person is selling other people's products and getting a cut. The major difference is the relationship to the supplier. The person is in charge of taking the money from the customer and directly paying the shipper. In turn, the shipper will send the item to the customer. This is why it is imperative to deal with a trustworthy supplier.

There are also pros and cons to drop shipping. The positive is that a person needs not keep inventory and can set the price. They also control the business layout and find customers. It also is low cost as well. However, discovering the ideal product can be hard. To find the right program visit "How to make money with Drop Shipping".

How To Make Money With Clickbank As An Affiliate Marketer

This concept is easy to understand. A person must discover a product and sell it for a commission. To be successful, a person has to find the perfect product or service and them market it properly. There are millions to choose from, but very few will allow a person to make good money.

There are both pros and cons about affiliate marketing. Many businesses are beginning to offer affiliate programs. Another good thing is that it doesn't cost a lot of money.

On the other hand, a person will be up against much competition and Clickbank scam products too. Many people are trying this marketing tool. A person can spend a lot of time and money into the affiliate marketing business and still not have significant success. To learn more simply visit "Affiliate Marketing scams.

Affiliate Marketers And The Clickbank Ripoff

A growing number of ClickBank affiliates suspect that the company is ripping them off. The focus of contention is Clickbank's requirement, stated in its terms and conditions that before they pay an affiliate that account must have made at least five sales from five distinct credit card numbers with two different methods of payment, either PayPal or a particular brand of credit card. An interested irksome part of the affiliate system is that multiple PayPal sales only count as one of the five different transactions. To make matters worse, if the affiliate fails to meet this requirement or any other, The Company will charge fees against the balance in the affiliate account. This can make matters very difficult for some affiliates since PayPal is now a dominant payment method and even buyers who use a credit card often use PayPal as an intermediary. However, it is a term that the affiliate accepted when signing up, not a Clickbank scam.

Even Clickbank's detractors admit that the company administers its rules, even the problem ones, in a fair and even-handed manner, and that once the affiliate gets sales to those five different credit cards; pays promptly and regularly and are more reliable than some competing programs.

Many of these issues are not related to the company. It is relatively easy to steal the sales from an ad, rerouting the income for that ad or group of ads to a thief. A system of redirects is a popular defense against link hijackers, using either Meta tags or a P.H.P. script. These tricks hide the fact that the user's browser has gone to a different page as a result of clicking on the ad's link. If a malefactor never knows that the link they have clicked on is an affiliate link, they have no reason to steal it. Another strategy is to use a link shrinking site to size down the link and make it harder to recognize. Other affiliate marketers use cloaking software that conceals the link’s presence altogether, hiding the affiliate ID from prying eyes. Many cloaking packages are free, safe and well worth the trouble of downloading them and installing them.

Clickbank affiliate marketing advise

Clickbank affiliate marketing promoters should ensure that their affiliate links work properly by clicking through their own link all the way to the order page, and then scrolling to the bottom and checking the information there. The ID on the page should be the affiliate's ID. If the ID is not being passed, the affiliate should suspect the possibility of a Clickbank marketplace scam.

Clickbank affiliate marketing

The biggest player in the world of search engines is Google, so entrepreneurs looking to make money on line put considerable effort into attaining high placement in Google's returned results for the product they are selling. Google, in turn, puts a lot of work into the huge task of evaluating billions of blogs and web sites to decide which has the very best content.

Google's work is complicated by search engine optimization experts who continually try to game the search engine. They exploit every quirk in the evaluation process and even use tricks in an attempt to rank higher, attract more visitors and turn them into paying customers. A lot of "black hat" operators on the edge of ethical conduct do choose to promote Clickbank products. This does not make the products bad, but it does fuel the unfortunate reputation from which suffers.

The difference between web sites with genuine content written by a human being and the thousands of "ghetto" sites becomes obvious after even a casual inspection. Many web entrepreneurs develop their sites for no other reason than to make money. They choose a frequently searched term such as "weight loss" and create a web site that uses that term in an attempt to trick the search engine into sending them traffic.

The end purpose of the Clickbank affiliate marketing process is either to generate revenue through clicks using Google AdSense or more probably to market an affiliate product. The enterprise of affiliate marketing is quite tempting for some people, since it requires very little more than a functioning web site. The entrepreneur need only set up a site and obtain an affiliate link to be in business. The low barrier to entry and the ease of operation accounts for much of the popularity of this business model. Unfortunately it also encourages unscrupulous operators who perpetrate some sort of Click bank scam.

Vendors And ClickBank

Developing a revolutionary concept and nurturing it into a marketable product is a lot of hard work. The biggest nightmare an Internet merchant faces is the prospect of having an idea misappropriated and sold elsewhere with no return at all on their investment of time and money. Unfortunately this is one of the forms of Clickbank scam with the highest profile. Merchants do need to be aware of the risks of marketing their products on line if they want to make money with Clickbank marketplace, but they should not be misled into believing that the hazard is unique to any one operator. That said, rip-offs do happen, and the vendors are certainly not immune.

How To Make Money With Clickbank As A Vendor

Making money on as a vendor is not that easy. Merchants can get scammed out of the proceeds of their transactions in a number of ways. Rumors are rife that if a particular page attains high levels of popularity on Click Bank, the idea it features will almost certainly be copied and sold on another site by someone claiming to be its creator. Profits from sales on the copycat sites go not to originator of the first web site but to some scammer who stole the idea.

how to make money with clickbank

A more obvious form of fraud occurs when a customer asks for a refund after payment has been made and the product has been downloaded even though the user finds the product itself to be satisfactory. Another issue may arise if a malefactor finds a security hole that allows access to the vendor's Thank You page, which operates on the assumption that the order has been processed and then clears the purchaser to download the file. Luckily a variety of software has been developed specifically to safeguard accounts from this sort of intrusion. In addition, careful programming with strict adherence to best practices can go a long way toward eliminating vulnerable "back door" entrances to a user's download page. One procedure that should be obvious is to refrain from listing either product files or delivery pages in a site's robots.txt file.

Veteran ClickBank vendors are quite familiar with most methods of customer fraud. Many experienced sellers use products like DLGuard to protect not only their member's area but also their own downloads and ultimately their bottom line. The software is a complex, feature-rich product treated more fully in another post, but it provides substantial protection against the most common forms of Clickbank scam.

Doesn't matter how strong is the relationship that someone has with Clickbank marketplace or with any other on-line vendor, some precautions are in order. Careful research is needed to verify the legitimacy of the product before a purchaser buys, and even before an affiliate places a link. After delivery, if the product is not up to snuff the purchaser should have no qualms about requesting a refund. Click Bank may issue a full refund, usually with no need to return the product, if the buyer feels that it fails to live up to expectations, as long as the purchaser requests the money back in writing within sixty days of making payment. This guarantee policy is of course no inconvenience at all to a merchant with a quality product.

Buyers should also be very sure that the URL of the Click Bank order page is genuine so as to avoid becoming the victim of phishing. The URL should begin with "https." That final 's' is very important, since it indicates that the transaction is taking place using secure transmission. Users should also verify that the page's domain is in fact Any deviation from this or anything else that looks suspicious is a warning to stop the transaction then and there. Very few Internet purchases are worth the risk of identity theft, and that is the most dangerous Click Bank scam of all.

Clickbank Complaints

Hundreds of new clickbank products are released every day on the marketplace. With that kind of sale volume will almost impossible not to incur on unhappy customers. The online retailer has developed something of a reputation, since some people believe the majority of the products available are nothing more than a "Clickbank Scam".

Even the most skeptical authorities admit that the company offers a few products of substantial value, but many feel that most of the merchandise available is no more than yet another Clickbank marketplace scam. A careful review of the products available can sort the wheat from the chaff and stop the few rip-off artists operating on Click bank from making money off Internet innocents and avoid Clickbank complaints.

Clickbank Fraud - Final Thought

I want to end by saying many of their digital products offer exceptional value. I have purchased many product through them and while not every one has blown me away, I'm generally quite pleased. This online company is also a fantastic money making tool for affiliate marketers. You can "sell" any product found on ClickBank, so a good way to make money is to make your own product or try an existing one and review it for others to see. If it is a good digital product, then you will start to see commissions roll in and everybody wins!

Clickbank marketplace scam

Clickbank Marketplace Scam Further Reading

If you end up on this website searching online for "Clickbank Scam" or is ClickBank a big scam?, most likely that you are a caution person or are looking for legit ways to make some money working from home. Below you can find additional information and also some useful resources. Thank you for reading our review.