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Make Money From Google Adsense & Adsense 100k Blueprint Review

The internet is a chock-a-block with online money-making schemes. There’s internet marketing, eBay sales, drop shipping, and a whole bunch of ways you can make money from the comfort of your house. But each of these methods requires you to have a sense of business tactics and shop knowledge, in order to make a tidy profit.

And that’s where Google differs - You can actually make money from Google Adsense with very little specialized knowledge!

How Does It Work?

Google, the internet’s largest search engine, has tens of thousands of advertising clients. So much so that they can’t display everyone’s ads! And that’s why Google decided to rework their advertising business logic, and throw open the ads to the public. So if you have a web-site, you can sign-up for the Google Adsense program, and Google will place their ads on your pages. And yes, they do share quite a bit of the profit with you!

How Do I Place The Ads?

This is simplicity itself. All you need to do is register for the Google Adsense program. Google will then generate a snippet of code for you. Just place this code in each of your web-pages. Then sit back, and watch the magic happen... Google’s amazing technology browses through your content, and sniffs out the details. It then automatically displays ads which are relevant to your website’s content! This has two advantages. One, your viewers will not be bombarded with unnecessary and irrelevant advertisements, which just crowd around the place. Two, and more importantly, the ad tempts the viewer to click on it, as it is similar to what your site is talking about.

This way, Google gets its clicks, and you get your cash!

How Much Will It Pay?

Google Adsense is a type of Pay-per-click advertising. Each time a viewer clicks an Adsense ad on your page, it instantly registers in your Google account, and the dollars keep adding up. And promptly, every month, the Google Adsense cheque gets delivered to your home!

How Can I Learn To Make Money From Google Adsense?

The net plays host to dozens of Google Adsense learning programs, which all claim to teach you the ropes, and help you make a tidy sum. Of course not all of them deliver. And that’s where we, at ScamReview take over. We’ve reviewed a few of the Google Adsense tutorial programs. Do read our reviews and invest wisely.

I advise everyone to sign up for Google Adsense first Its Free! and vital to profit from your site. You can make money from Google Adsense immediately.

Adsense Product I Recommend:

Adsense 100k Blueprint Review

Adsense 100k Blueprint Review

Adam’s Adsense 100k Blueprint is one of the most talked-about Google Adsense reference sources. We, at ScamReview, are quite impressed by the man. Adam recently sold a number of Adsense sites he built using the blueprint for upwards of $100k! Now if a man who has proven to keep making money from new and simple sites, creates a tutorial program, you’ve got to admit, it’ll be one heck of a program.

Yes, we checked out his Adsense 100k Blueprint, and boy, is he a genius!


Google Insight

Adam gives some valuable insight into Google. This is what he has to say~ Think like Google. Google is built on its strong and incredibly sensitive search engine technology. It gives people what they want. So if you make your website to give people what they want, Google will deliver your site to the public. You get your views, your clicks, and yes, your money. Bottom-line - you’ll benefit, only if you give your viewers something that’ll benefit them.

Keywords Karma

Keywords are the building block of content. And the Adsense Video rightly gives Keywords the necessary importance and also gives valuable advice on how to optimize their effect. This is what it says~ Don’t build your content around keywords. Instead, find a topic you’re passionate about, something you feel strongly about. Then, build you’re website on that subject. After that, identify the keywords that’ll work, keywords that are popular, and incorporate these keywords efficiently in your content. Use resources like Overture’s Inventory Keyword Tool, word-tracker tools, and other keyword tools, to know which keywords are most effective.

Killer Content

The video identifies content as back-bone of the website. It very correctly states that content needs to give the viewers value, and not just be page fillers. It advices you, to make your website content, as personal and informative, as possible. This is what it says: Write it yourself, involve the readers to write, make a blog, research on the internet and borrow un-copyrighted articles, pay writers to contribute to your website – but whatever you do, make sure you fill your portal with value for your patrons. Create content which people will connect with.

Ad Placing

Adam gives a lot of importance to the placement and location of ads. He explains convincingly the logic behind placing your ads at the top, the middle, and at the sides. You’ll also learn how you customize your ads banners and sizes, depending on your website. This will enable you to harvest the value of Google Adsense completely.

Contextual Camouflage

The video gives this very valuable tip – don’t make the ads look like ads. Customize them and personalize them, so that they have they the same format as your webpage content. This will ensure that they are treated in the same way... It’s really not about hoodwinking your viewers to click on the ads, but about aesthetically blending them to be part of the web-page, and not stand out in a jarring manner.

Go Google!

One piece of important advice you get is to sign up for everything Google has to offer. The products, the referrals, and definitely Google Adsense. You’ll be taught on how to mix them up and place their links in a way that’ll optimize their returns.

Google Ad-Tracking Tools

Google offers you methods to track the traffic to your website. This video shows in simple steps how to use these tools, and track your different ad channels. This way you’ll know what’s working and what not, and can always be aware of how your website is faring. This will help you get a deeper understanding of Google Adsense and your traffic’s preferences, and you can profitably tap on to this knowledge.

The Miracle Of Re-Investing

This tutorial explores beautifully on why you should re-invest in your web-site. It teaches you to put some of your profits into further developing your site, and how then you can watch your profits soar...

High-Paying Keywords

Cheney talks about how some keywords can give you $40 for each click. He shows you how to track them down, and make these valuable and high-paying keywords work for you...


Another Adam gem is his advice on the importance of participation. This is what he says: Be part of the Google forums, blogs, and groups. Discuss and share ideas, road-blocks and bottle-necks. You’ll surely pick many useful tricks and treats...


The above references from Adsense Blueprint are just a trailer. It offers oh, so much more...


Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nope. There’s not one thing wrong about this product. Adam’s hit gold – and he shows you how to do so too...


Do yourself a favor. Get Adsense 100k Blueprint. And watch your bank balance grow...

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