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Make Money Taking Surveys - Paid Survey Scam - Is Survey Hawk Scam?

Can you make money taking surveys? Are online surveys a scam or a legit work from home Opportunity?

Making money taking surveys should be one of the most simple and quick ways to earn some hard cash. People all around the world have realized the ease and efficiency with which Internet paid surveys can supplement their income, and are happily adding to their incomes.

At Scam Review we investigated the legit online paid surveys from the online survey scams. The majority of the programs we found were mostly about useless data, with no paid survey involved!

So, how exactly do legit paid surveys work?

Well, hundreds of thousands of global companies require real data from real people. They use this voluminous amount of data to analyze people’s tastes and preferences, and this helps them in developing their marketing methodologies and sales pitches. So these companies pay – and pay well – in return for giving them a little information about you!

How Can I Make Money Taking Surveys Online?

Simple. Sign up for different online survey programs. The companies will contact you when they have an on-going survey. You spend a few minutes filling out their form (and trust us, it’s a lot of fun!); and they pay you for your “services”. How easy is that?! Is it any wonder then that people are rushing to sign up for these programs?

Anything else I should know about making money online by taking surveys?

Well, it'll certainly help if you're over 18 years of age, as most web surveys are made for adults. Also, make money taking surveys online pay enough to act as a supplement to your bank-balance, and very rarely can they generate enough money to act as the primary source of income. It's more like instant coffee, than a whole meal...

And having said that, paid surveys are certainly quick money – and good money – for doing almost nothing at all! If you are ready to get started, we've found some very good and some not so good paid survey sites and even some deceiving paid online surveys scam sites too. Check out our paid surveys programs reviews below.

#1 Surveys Paid - Our Favorite Paid Survey Program

make money taking surveys

Surveys Paid Review:

Can you really make money taking surveys online with Surveys Paid?

Surveys Paid is the most popular online survey service on the planet to make money taking surveys. They have more staff adding more surveys than any other site. We put this program to the test and this is what ScamReview found out:

Pros of making money taking surveys online with Surveys Paid

Number One

The #1 internet survey program to make money taking surveys is Surveys Paid. And they are at the top for a good reason. They have the goods; and they deliver. This program is well-respected and one hundred percent legit.

Instant Money

Surveys Paid has an extremely fast and efficient turn-around rate. And you'll be counting the dollars in no time at all...

Anything We Didn't Like?

There really is nothing, but if you insist on nit-picking, well, their advertising and hype-generation might be a tad over the top for some people's taste...

My Final Verdict

If you're looking to make some quick cash, and have fun while you're at it, then Surveys Paid is definitely the way to go. Our favorite make money online by taking surveys.

Click Here To Visit Surveys Paid


#2 Survey Scout - Huge Database To Make Money Taking Surveys

Survey Scout Review

My Survey Scout Review

Survey Scout is one of the more popular online survey programs. A lot of people wonder if Survey Scout is a scam or if it is a legitimate money making opportunity. We have tried Survey Scout and here's what ScamReview found out...

What We Liked About Survey Scout

Excellent Survey Selection

Without question, the most important feature of a good survey program is the quality of the surveys available for its users to take. If you aren't taking surveys, you aren't earning money! Survey Scout has a dedicated staff that is constantly updating the database with quality surveys, so there's always something new for you.


What impressed us most about Survey Scout was the honesty and sincerity of the program. Unlike most programs, Survey Scout doesn't claim that you'll become a millionaire, or offer you the moon. The program is practical, precise and perfectly credible.

Industry High Payouts

Yes, Survey Scout won't make your income double overnight, but it certainly has impressive returns. In fact, what Survey Scout offers you for filling their forms, is one of the best rates in the online survey industry!

Satisfied Customers

Survey Scout has been in business since 2003 and with an extremely high customer satisfaction rate, it truly stands out amongs the hundreds of online survey programs. A clean track-record and overall good reputation, makes Survey Scout an extremely trust-worthy program.

Anything We Didn't Like?

There's not much negative to say here. Survey Scout is, in our humble opinion, your best best at making some real money from home taking surveys. Everything a good survey site should be and more!

Final Verdict

There may be hype around Survey Scout, but the program lives up expectations, and you’ll be making some real money within minutes of signing up! I've received over a few hundred dollars myself for about a week's worth of work. I didn't stick with it because of other things on the go, but there's huge potential.

Visit Survey Scout


#3 Maximum Paid Surveys - Pretty Darn Good

maximum paid surveys

My Maximum Paid Surveys Review:

Maximum Paid Surveys is the new kid on the online-survey-program block. ScamReview decided to check it out~

Maximum Paid Surveys Pros:


Maximum Paid Surveys doesn't use pretty words and hyperboles to lure you. The package is honest, credible and tells it like it is. We were really impressed by that.

Great Customer Support

The support that Maximum Paid Surveys offers, has to be experienced to be believed. They will aid you, and lead you step-by-step through their survey program. You’ll definitely have all the assistance you need to implement the package and make money.

Respectable Database

The database of Maximum Paid Surveys is pretty large. They have a respectable dossier of survey research companies. You'll definitely have plenty of opportunities.

Any Cons?

The selection of paid surveys for you to take just is not as big as the best paid survey sites like the two listed above.

Final Verdict

This one is very well structured, and a great program. Maximum Paid Surveys is worth checking out.

Visit Maximum Paid Surveys


#4 Survey Hawk - Specialized UK Section!

survey hawk scam

My Survey Hawk Scam Review

Survey Hawk is a pretty good internet survey program with a specialized UK section.


Friendly User Interface

The interface of Survey Hawk is impressively designed, simple to use, and extremely user friendly. You'll be able to navigate around with ease, and you’ll surely have a pleasant experience using the Survey Hawk.

Excellent UK section

While Survey Hawk offers ample opportunities for people of all nationalities, it certainly has something amazing for those of you in the UK. This section is dedicated to UK residents and it is the best in the market. If you are a UK citizen, look no further, this one is for you!


There's nothing negative to write about Survey Hawk. It's a sound investment.


Survey Hawk is an excellent survey program, and it will ensure that you make good money while filling out their survey forms. This one is a must-do.

Visit Survey Hawk


#5 Get Cash For Surveys - Not Bad, Not Great To Make Money Taking Surveys

My Get Cash For Surveys Review

Get Cash For Surveys is a complete newbie. We at Scam Review decided to test it out and see what it has to offer...


Decent Database

Get Cash For Surveys has a pretty large database of companies at its disposal.

Good Bonus Features

Some impressive bonuses come with your membership including ebay success guides, marketing guides, and much more. Not bad, but as far as the survey component goes, you are better going off with a higher rated program.


x Member's Area is a Little Hard to Navigate

x Promises of Riches ($250/hour, please) are over the top. Make them look like a paid survey scam.

x Payouts and Selection just can't match better rated programs to make money tasking surveys.


With a standard surveys database, the bonuses elevate this to a decent program, although we really wish they'd stop advertising that you can earn $250/hour.

Visit Get Cash For Surveys


Work Online For Pay - Avoid! Another Paid Survey Scam

Not A Real Option To Get Paid By Taking Surveys.

Update: appears to have gone offline. My guess is too many customer complaints! Go figure.


x Nothing new

When Scam Review was analyzing "Work Online For Pay", the program didn't have anything new or novel to offer. And it certainly didn't have as many features as the more popular survey programs.


Hardly anything good here. Definitly a paid surveys online scam and not a legit way to make money takying surveys. A few paying surveys and awful customer service makes this one easy to avoid.