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Hostgator Scam

Is HostGator Scam or Legit?

Is Hostgator scam? The company is among the world’s top leading enterprises in the field of web hosting services. It was founded by current Chief Executive officer Brent Oxley in year 2002. It is considered one of the largest hosting company providers in United States and the world with more than 150,100 customers that are using their service. By 2008, HostGator became recognized by the Inc. Magazine as a reputable and rapidly growing held Private Corporation in the US.

HostGator Scam Overview

Whether you are a professional that handles clients, a hobbyist, or even new to the Internet, most likely, you want an affordable and reliable web hosting to create a website. I’m discussing in this article all the necessary matters that involve reputable hosting companies and how true is the HostGator scam rumor.

The company offers cPanel hosting as a control panel to be used in your hosting account. Whether you’re a newbie in the internet marketing area or you are not so tech savvy, cPanel still makes everything so much easy and that’s the reason why I love it. There’s no need to deal with external software or FTP clients when uploading files using cPanel. It also gives you easy access to one-click installation of different programs using Fantastico. You can also install a new WordPress blog, add shopping carts to your site or create a forum in just a few seconds.

There’s no problem in creating a regular static HTML site instead of a blog. HostGator offers you a no-cost SiteBuilder with a WYSIWYG or a SiteStudio Website Building Tools if you have knowledge in HTML. It is not difficult to find a new design for your new site because they offer 4,500 free templates so you do not have to pay a designer.

HostGator Servers

HostGator has under its belt more than 7,150 servers in order that they can give a 99.99% uptime guarantee, more superior that any other hosting company business. I can prove that it is a great rarity that some of my sites go down and on the times it has occurred, it was very concise and then they were right back up.

HostGator Scam Customer Service

How good is HostGator customer service? is it a scam? The company is a top supporter in this business too. Every single day, tech support agents are available round the clock. If you have questions, you can reach them by sending an email or call them over the phone but their live chat is mostly recommended. I use the tech support rarely because of using cPanel. But issues are being taken cared in minutes on the live chat for tech support.

If the web hosting company was fraudulent then they wouldn’t have such an excellent customer service. They provide well trained courteous, committed and patient staffs and agents to solve my concerns when I called them. They offer a toll free 24/7365 of support. When I had a problem about installing a script, I called them and they helped me solve my problem even if it took over 20 minutes to solve the issue.

Their ticket system is way better for more technical questions because you can directly ask questions to the proper department. In my previous web-hosting suppliers, I would always get a reply in one to two days not like in HostGator. With this web hosting service, I’ve already gotten a reply in 10 minutes. You can go to their forums and ask for help and support if you have distinct problems. In the forums, I found the members very helpful and responsive to my posts. How can someone call HostGator scam with such a superior customer service like this? It is beyond me.

HostGator Script Installer

Seeing you get the Fantastico script installer, which installs many famous scripts with just a few clicks, really made me happy. You’ll get endless MySQL Databases for scripts that are very essential for many marketers that use scripts for their sites. I got a web host earlier than this and they only allowed three scripts and I was enforced to reimburse extra fees to use more. The inclusion of Curl and Cron were really of great help to me as they are used in the few scripts I installed recently.

HostGator Site Builder

They also provide a site builder which helps you create your site will probably go unused because some people do have their own chosen tools in building sites. You can merely upload your extensions to add pages in your site with the help of FrontPage. You’ll get unlimited POP3 accounts in the email features that can give access on your mail online, basic non-sequential autoresponder, mail forwarding and spam assassin filtering.

If you want to add forums, portals and blogs, the web hosting company offers many famous open source programs like Drupal, Wordpress, phpnn, PHPnuke that can be installed with just a click. Lastly, you can obtain a Webalizer and AWStats to view your web status. With most web hosts, these are pretty standard but some people usually use their own tools

HostGator Scam Hosting Plans

What kind of plans does HostGator offers? Are they scam? It has Hatchling package, costing only $4.95 a month, the cheapest shared hosting plan which has unlimited disk space and bandwidth but you’re only limited to host only one domain. This is probably the best choice of plan for hobbyists. Another plan is the Baby package that has similar features with the Hatchling package, only that you’ll get unlimited domains. Being an Internet marketer, most likely you’ll use several domains for landing pages, sites for your business as well as a few personal websites. I use this plan for only $7.95 a month. The most expensive plan is the Business plan, which costs $12.95. It offers unlimited bandwidth, domains and disk space. Along with it are you’ll get your own toll-free number, a private SSL and a dedicated IP thus making this a great package for marketers in ecommerce sites.

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HostGator Scam Reputation

I conclude that the HostGator scam just come from isolated complaints. On my personal opinion they are the best web hosting company that I’ve used so far. I already tried five different web hosting providers but they were too overpriced and they had several limitations when it comes to domains, bandwidth and limited features. The customer support really makes a hosting company stand out with others. HostGator’s customer support is probably the best than any other company I’ve gotten myself into.

HostGator For The Enviroment

Another thing that I like about HostGator is that they are very environmental as they use wind-powered energy for their reseller and shared servers. If the Hosgator scam was a real claim then they wouldn’t even worry about protecting the ecosystem. The other companies that use a lot of energy should start to be conscious about the environment. I’ve been more encouraged to use their service than any other web host providers because of their decision to go green. Finally, I can highly recommend you avail of HostGator’s services as their services is affordable, easy to use, fast and they have an excellent customer support service.

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