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My Home Wealth Package Scam Review And Programs

Is Home Wealth Package a Scam?

The Home Wealth Package is another addition to the numerous similar programs for making money online, by making use of Google and eBay. The official site does not offer sufficient information on what the program is all about, the specific jobs that will be given and who is behind the company.

Potential customers will see that out of the 300 positions offered by the program, only 5 slots are left and you can only make reservations for the next 5 minutes, which is entirely false information. If you leave and visit the site later, the slots will still be available ad in fact, do not expire.

The program utilizes a sales approach that can make potential customers feel a fake sense of scarcity. The website puts the customer into the state of rush buying, ignoring the state of not knowing anything about the program. The Home Wealth Package website also brags a number of claims that have no basis and which customers must pay no attention to.

The names of popular news sources like CNN, Yahoo, ABC and many others have been dragged into the website’s sham. The claims do not exactly refer to the program and in reality; no news features have been made for the introduction of this program to the public.

As long as marketers can make even the most isolated association to a news feature on the said sources, they have a valid reason to put up the logos on their website. Even if the story is centered on how to make money on eBay without the mention of the product, they will still make such clumsy claims.

Another doubtful factor is the mention of Robert Allen’s name on the product’s URL. There is still no confirmation between the association of the product to the Real Estate and Make Money from Home Infomercial Guru.

Aside from the web address, Allen’s name is nowhere to be found on the website. The company details and contact information are not posted, which are essential information that every customer must verify for the company’s credibility.

What does Home Wealth Package offer? With the presence of limited information on their website, it is very difficult to determine the kind of job the client will have and the trainings they host. With Google and eBay on their front act, the package will probably train clients to become eBay affiliates or hone their skills in SEO optimization on Google.

The very cheap price of $9.97 for this kind of product is very suspicious. This low cost might lead to increased charges on other services offered along with the package.

Phone call transactions are the typical method of introducing these packages as training consultations and in some cases, through the help of third party companies. When your conversation with an agent pops the credit card limit question, be vigilant on their tactical sales approach.

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Is Ultimate Wealth Package a Scam?

Update: For whatever reasons, The Ultimate Wealth Package website is no longer active. It seems Mark Warren has moved on from his hugely popular product, leaving countless customers in the dust. I'll still provide my original review below...

“Get ready to start earning a full time income online working just part time from your computer,” says the author Mark Warren, on his sales page. The self-described millionaire claims his program will enable you to make “several hundred - even up to a thousand dollars per day - working just a few hours a week.” Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Warren asserts his product will deliver “access to my secret money making system.” He must really think that buyers want to get a hold of something “secret”: he repeats that word 16 times!

Two problems. One, the contents aren’t that “secret.” Two, the contents aren’t that good.

Warren does have information about the mostly well known money-making possibilities on the Internet, such as affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, eBay, and selling e-books. Unfortunately, his whole package is generally poorly written and poorly organized. Most of the time, the reader is unsure of where the text is going, and is forced to wade through repetitious meanderings.

The most clearly written and organized parts are written by others, such as the parts on AdSense and selling e-books. The AdSense one even features a Table of Contents that can actually take you to different sections.

Parts about newer areas of interest, such as MySpace, blogs, and data entry, are potentially intriguing, but still require more development. For example, the nature of the “data entry” work is not really described. He just provides a series of links (some don’t even work) that lead to companies who pay by the hour. Warren recommends you sign up for at least ten of these firms. Juggling so many different customers, even if you actually can get some to pay the $9.50 per hour mentioned, however, would result in a lot of effort for very little return.

Much of the information is not that interesting or useable. Warren makes the point that if you sell 100 sweaters on EBay for $15 each when you bought them $10 each, you will have realized a profit of 100 X $5 = $500. If you can buy them for $1 less each, than your profit will be $600, or $100 more. Reading this obvious point once seems belabored, but what does the reader find in two other sections of the Ultimate Wealth Package? You guessed it, those same sweaters!

Also annoying is that once the reader has purchased the initial offering, they are subjected to upselling, with the offer of the “VIP Membership” for an additional 40 bucks. Apparently, one-third of buyers of the first product, also buy the VIP upgrade. We didn’t bother.

If the initial product is the Ultimate Wealth Package, then you shouldn’t have to upgrade, should you? Our advice: point out the information about the extra product right at the beginning so the consumer knows beforehand. Or, better yet: package everything together right the start; then the product is more ethical and authoritative.

There is nothing wrong with the topics that Warren has selected; it is in the delivery and organization of the package that is the problem. Warren has a money making system selling his package and apparently does not care that the package is not that good. Furthermore, with affiliates earning 75% of the sales price as a commission, there are going to be an army of other people flogging the product as well.

The information in the Ultimate Wealth Package would not be of much use for anyone who has any experience in the field. Most likely the buyers are the novices who hope to cash in on the riches of the Internet. The sales pitch from Warren promises a lot: he says that he “makes millions on the Internet working only a few hours per week.”

As he himself admits in his Private Notes, “I would rather have a great sales page with an average product than a great product with an average sales page.”

There are testimonials. (As an incentive, Warren offers “$1000 in FREE Bonus Items” if one submits an email testimonial.) Interestingly, the testimonials seem to be mostly from those who have just purchased the product and are positively overwhelmed with what looks a pile of great information. “I can’t wait to get started,” says one. Adds another, “I am looking forward to seeing all the money roll in.”

What do the readers say after they have struggled to make sense of the poorly worded information that they would actually find inside the Ultimate Wealth Package? What would they say after they realize that the dream of making easy “millions” is just as one might have suspected, really too good to be true.

After all, in his part on affiliate marketing, Warren says, “Affiliate programs are hard. Don’t take it any other way. Making money with affiliate programs can be a pain in the butt.” He even estimates that of all those trying to make money as affiliates, “99% of them won’t make one sale.”

Warren could use some of his profits and develop a really good product. He could follow the advice in his own package, in the e-book part (authored by Jessie McCloud). As McCloud says: “Give your readers the facts, present them well, educate your readers and enrich their lives. If you can do this in two or three pages you will achieve the same results as if you did it in two or three hundred pages – your customers will still be happy and they will buy from you again.”

Warren knows how to market the Ultimate Wealth Package. But, he concentrates on the sizzle, not the steak. In the end, however, readers are the ones who are going to be asking, “Where’s the beef?”

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Is My Home Wealth System a Scam?

Update: For whatever reasons, My Home Wealth System website is no longer active with the original product. It seems Scott, the creator of the program has moved on from his hugely popular product. Below you can read my original review...

After reviewing “My Home Wealth System”, I came to realize that Scott really does know how to make money on the Internet. Unlike the other programs I’ve tried, his system is much more streamlined. This program will not waste time going through all of the unimportant technicalities but will go straight to the important stuff and guiding you on how to set it up.

My Home Wealth System is definitely a real make money now program. Scott Davenport provides you with top-notch information and a powerful but easy to follow system that deliver a straight forward method. Scott has made a few people into millionaires, thus giving him the title of "Young Entrepreneur 2007". His home wealth system became an instant hit because just about everyone, from beginners to budding business owners can use the system quite easily. Scott will set you up with a free and wholly automated website, meaning you need not to have any prior experience or technical know-how. And what's more is that your website is set up so that your payments are directly transferred to your personal bank account via Paypal.

The entire method is well thought and easy to follow. It's so effective that you can start making money within the first month after signing up.

A few bonus features were recently added that are pretty useful for beginners. One is the "Limited Time Offer". Two of Scott's awards winning books are to be given away. These are "Make Money with Yahoo" and "Make Money with eBay", these two books alone are worth more than a hundred dollars, but they are now free for all new members. I think that these fundamental e books are a must read.

Just these bonuses that are being given to you for free by Scott is a whole lot better than most of the other programs that I've reviewed so far.

It's safe to say that My Home Wealth System is one of the very best programs today, as it has benefits like a simple yet proven money maker system, its ease of use, and all of these at a very affordable price. You simply cannot go wrong with this system.

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Cosumer Wealth System Review

Let go directly to the point here. If you know what mini sites are, then you will understand what consumer wealth system is and what it can do for you.

Consumer Wealth System focuses on the creation of mini cash sites. Mini cash site are websites that target very specific niches, based on most cases in long key words or also known as long tail keywords.

That’s the reason why you can rank high in a short period of time for the selected keywords and get decent conversion rates.

So you have a better idea now? Let review the steps of Consumer Wealth System:

Select keywords that have low competition and a good search volume.

Purchase a keyword rich domain and write at least 5 articles about the niche.

Do some simple but powerful Internet marketing promotions.

Move to next project and repeat the process all over again.

After a few weeks, you will see your site showing up on the 1st page of Google.

Daniel Turner & Marc Lindsay with their system and customer support will guide you through every step of the way.

FAQs about Consumer Wealth System:

- Does Consumer Wealth System work?

Yes, it does.

- What do I need in order to be successful with the system?

You will need to get a domain name and a hosting account. But most importantly you will have to commit and invest a few hours of your time to do the entire job, including writing a quick review, some articles and promoting your site following the system.

- How much money can I make with Consumer Wealth System?

To make big money, you will have to have a few of those micro sites. It will not take too long for you to master the method. After you have created a few sites you will see your commissions to increase very fast.