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Work from home? Get Rich Quick?

Is Affiliate Project X a Scam? Read my full review to find out.

Having read and appreciated the immensely effective ‘Adwords Miracle’ by Chris, we at ScamReview were rather interested when we received an email from him one day. Chris’ mail spoke of a ground-breaking ‘Project – X’, and how it was the mamma of work at home money-making. He claimed that it was a compilation of the industry’s best kept secrets and supremely successful techniques of the super affiliates. Despite its rather dubious sounding name, we decided to check it out.

And are we glad! The Affiliate Project – X certainly lives up to its claims and offers a totally fresh look into the world of affiliate marketing and adwords, and yes, it will certainly help you get rich quick.


New and novel The Affiliate Project-X is not a re hash of the usual work at home tricks. It genuinely has something new to offer. Something novel, original, and uncommon. And it can dramatically change the way you make money online.

‘The Leech’ This is one of the revolutionary concepts which The Affiliate Project-X outlines. You would have surely read or heard about affiliate methods which involve writing product reviews. Well, The Leech not just comprehensively explains this technique, but also exhaustively outlines how to attract traffic to your reviews, and how to convert that traffic into customers…

‘The Workhorse’ The Affiliate Project-X convincingly explains how your websites can top rank in search engines. The Workhorse method involves a little bit of your time each day, and with no cost at all, boosts you to the first page of search engines. And it assures you a regular income of at least $50 a day!

‘The Rising Star’ This high return technique was first introduced by Chris in his book ‘Adwords Miracle’. Here, in the Affiliate Project-X, The Rising Star is taken to a whole new level. Simply put, the Rising Star is a technique where you affiliate with products which are gaining market momentum, and then cash in on their popularity. The Rising Star lucidly expands on how you can identify, promote and make a fortune from these products.

No Product Promotion The Affiliate Project-X has been made with you in mind, and its focus is on making you rich. It’s not another of the growing list of ebooks, written solely for the purpose of promoting different products, and helping the author make money.

Discount Yes, the $197 product is available at a special price of $97! But you better hurry, as the discounted price won’t last for long…


There’s nothing we didn’t like about The Affiliate Project-X. It has everything going for it. And it’s definitely a winner – and will help you become one too…


At $97, The Affiliate Project-X is a steal. It has something of value to offer everyone – whether you’re a rookie in the world of adwords and internet marketing, or you’re a seasoned player.

For more info onhow you can make money with Affiliate Project X click here.