Work At Home Scams
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Dan Franklin

Dan Franklin initiated his career by opening a small real estate business. He began selling a study-at-home programme called the ‘Personal Wealth System’. Dan then started an intense advertising campaign to promote his real estate programme. To supplement the ‘Personal Wealth System’, Dan Franklin also offered seminars to help people gain more knowledge about real estate.

Dan has priced his Personal Wealth System at a completely unjustified $300. The programme has nothing new or novel in it. It is a particularly tasteless potpourri of outdated tapes, irrelevant content and impractical advice. The manual in fact is a shabby collection of photocopied sheet, cheaply bound together! The Personal Wealth System is a sham and a farce. And a complete waste of money.

Locating distressed properties, Dan Franklin claims, is his speciality. He preaches that that once you identify such a property you should provide a ‘no risk’ contract, with no credit, and zero down payment. He declares that his tapes will show you how to make a real estate kill. But when ScamReview viewed his tapes, all we saw him do was enter a house and minutely pick out every fault with it. This went on for more than an hour, and no, there was no sign of any real estate techniques...

One of the “features” that Dan Franklin throws in with his home study package is the assurance that you can call him up 24 x 7, and that he will personally attend your calls. This is another whopping lie. No matter how many times you’ll call the 800 numbered phone, it will neither be received, nor will you have your call returned.

Dan Franklin is blacklisted by the ‘Better Business Bureau’. They strongly urge people not to invest in his programmes and products. We, at ScamReview, agree with them in totality. Yes, there are a few people who will speak favourably of Dan Franklin, but a closer look will show you that these people are those who’ve just completed one of his seminars. Give them a few weeks, and they’ll quite definitely have a different story to tell...