Work At Home Scams
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Dave Espino

Dave Espino’s colourful career began when he joined his family business. But he soon tired of working under his parent’s supervision and longed for independence. He then ventured into stocks and real estate business. But still his thirst for being an entrepreneur was not sated. His big break came when he ventured into eBay, in 1999.

In some time he became a successful and expert internet auctioneer. Soon he started his own website for auctions and offered diversified products to people. It was making him huge profits. This was effectively supplemented by his eBay marketing.

Since then, Dave has written several e-books. ‘Business Cubed-The art of getting explosive results from your business’, ‘Life in the Dot Com Lane’ , ‘Beyond eBay’, and a bunch of others. His most popular e-book is ‘Beyond eBay’. He offers this $39.95 costing book free of charge if you purchase his ’Auctions for Income Video’. A generous goodie? No, it’s more of a clever marketing ploy...

He has recorded an instructional video called “Auction for Income”. It is marketed as being a very useful tutorial for upcoming entrepreneurs. It claims to contain step by step details on setting up your own auction business. He even offers to show you an easy listing system. If you buy the video, Dave throws in free access to his database of wholesale products.

But despite all this, something doesn’t ring true. Dave makes the fatal mistake of over-simplifying things, and glossing over details. Not everything works as he proclaims it will. Making a packet through eBay is not child’s play. It involves dedicated hours of focussed work, and an intuition developed through experience. And even then, it may take months before the profits pile up.

Dave Esprino, however, chooses to ignore these important aspects of eBay marketing. He paints a rosy picture, and tries to sell you a fantastic, but fake, dream.

Putting in your precious dollars, into buying one of his books or videos, is a big mistake. Don’t let this scam guru make you one of his victims...