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Don Lapre

The king of infomercials, Don Lapre, is one of the more popular names in the “make money successfully” market. He ruled the television marketing scenario for a long time. He definitely was considered a name to reckon with. But this was quite some time ago. What about today? What exactly is Don Lapre up to?

Don Lapre started his career with Classified Ads and 900 number services. He then moved on to the Reminder Services. And within a short time, he started ‘The Greatest Vitamin in the World’.

Don Lapre’s biggest advantage is his personality. Most of you may remember his info commercials. His charm, his charisma, and his positivity came through. Don Lapre could successfully impress and inspire people, and get them to trust him and his products. His effectively delivered infomercials caught many people’s attention, and he easily converted a large proportion of the viewers to customers.

The other tactic which worked for Don Lapre, was his method of marketing the products. He was very smart and knew how to attract his viewers’ attention. All his products were presented with a lot of hype and ballyhoo. This paid off, and made Don Lapre an extremely wealthy man.

Don Lapre had several ingenious ways of motivating people to invest in his products. One of his commercials had him talking to the camera in a most sincere and simple way. He spoke extensively on how he’d made thousands of dollars sitting in his one-bedroom condo. He would then talk about his manuals, and with complete sincerity, assure the viewers that they too could create wealth if they just purchased them. This ploy worked amazingly well...

And there lies the twist. Most of his customers are disappointed with Dan Lapre’s products. And they make it a point to warn others about Don Lapre. They feel that his products offer no value, and that it’s tough to even earn the amount they spent purchasing the product!

The fact is that Don Lapre’s products are outdated, irrelevant and impractical. They may have worked ten years ago, but they don’t stand a chance in today’s market. And almost all of his customers will vouch for this fact.

In 1999, Don Lapre and his company ran into a spate of financial problems. When he filed for bankruptcy, the court decreed that he should make a deal with a third-party company, and sell his products through them.

Since then he’s focussed extensively on creating immense wealth for himself. But the problem is, Don Lapre does this, at the cost of yours...