Work At Home Scams
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John Beck

John Beck is a clever, but cunning, internet marketer, who lures people into his web, by charming them through numerous infomercials. John Beck peddles his (in)famous book – ‘Buy Real Estate For Free and Clear For Pennies On the Dollar’. It is sold for $50, including shipping charges. This “reasonably priced” book claims to give you the complete know-how of buying real estate properties for “pennies”, and reaping it rich with distressed properties.

Along with this book, you will also receive another book called ‘Making Money With Free & Clear Properties On The Internet’, and ‘Quick Start Video and Free & Clear CD to Hottest Links’. It definitely looks like you got more than a fair deal for your $50.

But you’ve rejoiced too soon. Within a short time of receiving the 50 dollar package, you’ll be bombarded with calls from John Beck’s office. Each caller tries to convince you to “enhance your real estate skills”, “learn more and earn more”, by buying John Beck’s other programmes. And these programmes will set you back a cool 7995 dollars! Yes, this was always the intended target.

John Beck’s $50 book, is just a ploy – a bait, to get you to shell out more. It’s his way of getting your contact details, and you on his call-list! Is it any wonder then that it’s John Beck, and not you, laughing all the way to the bank...

One of John’s Beck’s programmes is a “consulting package”, which will cost you $8,000. But the truth is that not once will you be able to personally meet this supposed “mentor”. All “consultations” are through the telephone only, and you can totally forget about having one-on-one face-to-face session with anyone in the company.

John Beck’s programmes deal with making a fortune through real estate. But here’s the irony. Till date, John has made a shockingly low amount through real estate. His fortune actually comes from swindling people into buying his programmes!

And the different theories in his book are far from reality. John Beck has oversimplified things and painted an attractive rosy picture. But in truth, real estate requires years of hard-work, and perseverance. Also some of these tricky tactics are almost on the wrong side of the law! Added to this is the intense shop-talk on taxes and real estate. If you’re a beginner you’ll be completely confounded more than once...

‘Tax Deed Edition Book’, ‘Real Estate For Pennies On The Dollar’, ‘Tax Lien Edition Book’, ‘John Beck’s Amazing Profits Book’, ‘Free & Clear Properties By Mail Book’, are some of the other works penned by the crafty John Beck.

Think about it. John Beck is a failure in real estate; why would you buy a real estate book written by him? Now if John Beck wrote a book called ‘Learn to Scam You Way to A Fortune’...then that’s a different matter...