Work At Home Scams
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John T. Reed

John T Reed is the author of several real estate books. He claims to be a successful real estate investor. His books talk about ‘being successful in life’, ‘real estate secrets’, ‘ingenious investments’, and other enticing propositions. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that not everything rings true...and that John T Reed is actually another one of those crafty scam-gurus.

In reality, John T Reed is a real estate nobody. He has successfully dealt with only twelve properties in his entire career! And it is with this meagre experience that John boldly ventures to write books, and proclaims that he can teach you to get rich! If this weren’t costing money, we would actually laugh at the irony...

John’s books are completely inadequate. It’s based more on fantastical theories, than real experience. And the precious little that is useful, is all copied. There’s absolutely no original work, or innovative insights. A large part of it is a direct cut and paste of real estate articles. And despite all these negatives, John emphatically proclaims that his books are better than the rest. He even stoops to degrade other real estate gurus, and puts himself on a pedestal. This is totally uncalled for, not to mention completely disgusting.

And having said that, we have to give the man credit for his honesty. He candidly admits that real estate authors get rich, not from real estate, but from selling their books! And we can’t agree more. Most authors, and definitely John T Reed, make their dollars from their hyped-up books, and not really from any real estate deals. Getting rich from real estate is no joke, but most books about it certainly are...

There’s honestly no shortcut to success. To make it big in the property world, you need to dedicate years of your life, and struggle for a long time. It’s only then that you’ll taste the sweet fruit of success. And although a few of John’s articles show some maturity and genuine content, for the larger part, they are impractical. One advice John dishes out, is that you should publish your portfolio on the website. This suggestion is downright absurd. John T Reed doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. And you’re better off without him and his books.