Work At Home Scams
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Ken Roberts

A college dropout, Ken Roberts, began his career as a life insurance salesman. He then graduated to becoming an entrepreneur. And from there began his dubious activities.

His first venture involved convincing people to invest $1000. He told them that they could become hi-flying traders with this low start-up capital. They bit the bait. And he laughed all the way to the bank, not them.

Later, in 1983, Ken Roberts self-published a book called ‘The World’s Most Powerful Money Manual & Course’. This mail-order book was supposed to contain innovative ideas and successful strategies to make you powerful. He told people that this book would give unfailing tips and methodologies on getting everything they ever wanted. He didn’t just promise material passions, but loftily claimed that all their desires – mental, physical, and spiritual would be fulfilled. Of course, people were lured. And no, they didn’t get everything they wanted. Not even a refund on the book.

Ken Roberts is said to have sold more than 300,000 copies of this “super-book”. And each book is priced at $195. Do the maths. That’s almost an astronomical 60 million dollars!

Ken Roberts offers an “advanced trading” seminar which will set you back a cool $2,695! He also hawks a “complete course on options”, trading charts, newsletters, and a novel titled ‘The Rich Man’s Secret’.

At a price of $2695, you would assume that the seminar is a killer. That you’d get some insiders secrets, a few invaluable tips, and a whole load of sure-shot ways to justify the large price. You’ll be disappointed. There’s nothing new in it. And what’s more, you can get all that information, and more, for free, if you spend a few hours on the internet! If that isn’t a scam, then what is?!

A large proportion of the people who’ve invested in Ken Roberts’ programmes, have made shockingly little. In fact an alarming 95% of those who invest, lose their money! And yet, Roberts confidently continues to lure credulous customers...

Ken Roberts is actually someone who is more interested in selling his courses, than in implementing the commodity marketing methods that he peddles. So, how can this man be an authority on the subject, and why should anyone buy his programmes?

Ken Roberts is also running a brokerage firm in California – Main Street Trading. He charges a whooping $95 as commission for each trade! And you can it take it for granted that all the small time traders will lose their money...

Ken Roberts currently owns an opulent Oregon mansion, and he is a millionaire hundred times over. Yes, he’s a success. But a success in conning, and a success in scamming. Beware. Don’t fall prey!