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Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau is a familiar face on TV. He appears on a variety of infomercials – all targeting the sale of his various products. He works under the banner of ‘Mega Systems International Inc.’

Kevin Trudeau blatantly breaks advertising laws, and openly promotes a host of sub-standard products. ‘Mega Memory System’, ‘Hair Farming’, ‘Addiction Breaking System’, ‘Eden’s Secret’, ‘Action Reading System’, and ‘The Mega Reading System’, are amongst his worst scams.

This crafty conman is very aware that people change channels to avoid watching commercials. So he’s designed all his infomercials like genuine programmes. You can see him “interviewing” people about the products and the effects. He tries to dupe viewers into believing that the interviewed person is an expert, whereas in reality they are actors paid to flatter his products. FTC has slapped a case against Kevin Trudeau to counter his fraudulent advertisements.

Because of Kevin Trudeau and his misleading ads, it is currently mandatory for all info commercials to display a disclaimer. But since then, Kevin Trudeau has become synonymous with lies, false promises, deception, fraudulent advertising, and intentional misleading of the public.

Since 1988, financial trouble has haunted Kevin Trudeau. But no matter how many set-backs he faces, this seasoned scam-guru, resurfaces with a new product to sell, and new scam to pull.

Despite the FTCs determination to root out Kevin Trudeau and his scams, it is proving a difficult task. This master of scams, constantly finds new and innovative methods of luring you into parting with your money...

The Federal Trade Commission has charged Kevin a fine of $500,000 in consumer redress. He is also banned from making any type of claims about his products to the public. Kevin Trudeau and his company have been ordered to show proof of working, for all products and programmes they wish to sell.

As of now, Kevin Trudeau has been banned from making any kind of claims about his products. He needs to back all his claims with scientific evidence, before the FTC approves of them. Sometime back, he had enticed people into buying a “cure for cancer”, and sold them a dubious Corus calcium product. He had similarly proclaimed that his analgesic ‘Biotape’, would cure all chronic aches and pains.

Today, Kevin Trudeau is paying for his frauds. He has been ordered to pay up $500,000 in cash, and also transfer ownership of his palatial residential property in California. Kevin also needs to pay $2 million as monetary compensation for all his scams...

We don’t know about you, and all of us at ScamReview will surely keep our distance from this foxy scam-guru...