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Lou Vukas

Lou Vukas is another person to be avoided at all costs. He is author of e-book “Real Estate Uncovered”. Lou is associated with the sites and He has sold his book to These sites should be avoided like the plague, as they not only sell a scam, but are also sickening spammers who will flood your inbox with a load of junk.

Trust us; you’re better off without this book. And if by chance you’ve placed an order on his book, you will receive a flood of phone calls from Lou’s office staff (before delivery of book) and they will try to brow beat you into buying additional information and mentoring, which will cost you a cool $8000! This is a very common tactic of fraudulent sites.

Real estate is not a get rich scheme over night. It takes long time to bear fruit. You need to put in plenty of hard work and constant effort into marketing, and then wait for long time to sell property on high profit. Competition in real estate market is becoming increasingly high.

You need to be a very good negotiator and marketer to sell or buy property. Everyone who enters into real estate business wants to become rich quickly. But it’s not that simple. Real estate transactions sometimes take years to realize. So if you are looking forward to becoming rich within no time than you are barking up the wrong tree...

Lou Vukas’ book happily ignores these essential realities. The information in this book is sparse and insufficient. You definitely cannot gain thorough knowledge about real estate from this book. And as if this weren’t enough, the book is chock-a-block with grammatical and language mistakes as well!

Lou also tires to sell foreclosure lists to people. These lists are actually readily available on the internet, free of charge! What’s worse is that his lists are outdated and redundant...

Lou also seems to be connected with Russ Dalbey of America’s Note Network. They charge you an overpriced $3000-$5000/- for their program. Honestly, the real worth of this program is not more than $100/-. The exorbitant price is really baseless and nothing short of a rip-off.

We sincerely believe Lou Vukas’ book is not worthy of buying. Most of the material contained in this book seems to be copied from different sources. Why pay obscene amounts of money for something available free of charge?

Think about it...