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Robert G. Allen

Robert G. Allen has made a name for himself as a talented writer, and a pioneer in innovative methods of making money. His popularity rose with each book that he wrote. ‘Nothing Down’, ‘Creating Wealth’, and ‘The Challenge’, are amongst his better known works.

The ‘Nothing Down’ clubs which are dotted all over the United States, are precious brain-children of Robert G. Allen. He declares that he can buy property, in all parts of the country, for zero down-payment. In fact, he was so confident of his abilities, that he threw open a challenge. L.A. Times picked up the gauntlet and told him to buy ‘nothing down’ property in San Francisco.

Robert G. Allen conducts numerous seminars and sessions to impart his knowledge of real estate. He has got a whole catalogue of seminars. Each of different duration, subject, and price.

He markets these programmes extensively through mail and telephone. He tracks down the contact details of people who are naive about the real estate market. With a lot of confident talk, and assertive dialogue, he lures these ignorant people into his seminars...

The crux of Robert G. Allen’s theory is that you can get as rich as you want by simply tracking down distressed properties, and acquiring them. He says that if you acquire such properties for cheap, you can easily sell them at much higher price, and make an astronomical profit. And that this all you need to know about real estate.

But this is as far from the truth as possible! In reality, all Real Estate experts agree that the value of a property is dependent on several dynamically changing factors. And over-simplifying things, in the way that Robert G. Allen does, is false, and will not work. So, in other words, Robert G. Allen has been pedalling as scam...

One other disturbing fact about Robert’s tutorials is that there is no practical evidence that his methods will work. To cut the man some slack, it may be possible that his “ingenious ideas” will prove profitable in California. But the truth is that these methodologies will crash anywhere else, and you’ll get burned...

True, his books brought Robert G. Allen all his fame. But for some time now, all his books and programmes have been under the scanner, and he has got plenty of brickbats about them. A large percent of his “students” demanded refunds. But this crafty man quickly filed for bankruptcy and coolly side-stepped giving their money back. As of now, the IRS has booked several liens against him.

Robert G. Allen is a scam guru, if there ever was one. Beware of him, and his programmes.