Work At Home Scams
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Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand is a self-stated “real estate expert”. He claims that you can make a huge packet for yourself by just following his real estate principles. What he fails to mention however, is that you need Lady Luck to smile generously, if you are to make any money, with his real estate techniques.

Ron LeGrand peddles three books on real estate investing. And each of these will set you back a cool $600! To make things “easy” for you, he offers you the third book free, if you purchase the first two.

So what are his three books about? His first book deals exclusively with ‘For Sale By Owner’ transactions. Ron LeGrand’s second real estate book is about retail and wholesale. The last book discusses the different types of leasing options.

At $600 each, you would justifiably presume that the books are brilliant and exhaustive. But this is far from the truth. Each emaciated volume disappoints with its size and coverage. Charging $600 for each one is daylight robbery!

Ron LeGrand makes high claims. He says the each of his books is complete in itself, and with just one of the, you can make a fair fortune. But here’s the flipside. Ron LeGrand doesn’t offer any personal mentoring or assistance if you just buy one, or even two of his pricey books. No, he reserves this “exclusive service” only to those who shell out $1800, and buy all three of his books...!

Ron LeGrand is a self-promoter. He blatantly advertises himself and his books. He promises the moon and more, if you just buy his books. But this is unrealistic and just a gimmick. Everyone who’s been in the real estate industry knows it takes years of hard-work and perseverance to reap it rich...and that promises of overnight riches is just hogwash.

Definitely, books on real estate will help you if you’re serious of making a career in the industry. But no, Ron LeGrand’s books are not those gems. There are plenty of other books which are informative, innovative and cost so much less.

If you’re looking for clever strategies, and practical tips then give Ron LeGrand a miss. Don’t fall for his advertising and get scammed. Or you’ll be left with redundant and irrelevant information. And a big hole in your pocket.