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Russ Dalbey

Russ Dalbey is the mastermind behind America’s Note Network – ANN. He’s presented himself as an established real estate expert and guru. His pet programme – Winning In The Cash-Flow Business, is one of his best sellers.

The ANN website a Note-listing service. This is offered free of charge. For more than a decade now, Russ Dalbey has been guiding people on making money through notes. He has programmes teach the learner how to find and refer private financed notes, and make a fortune.

Russ Dalbey’s ‘Winning In The Cash-Flow Business’ is supposedly made for tutoring you on the secrets behind financial notes. It claims to teach you the methods involved in tracking financial notes – either posted on the website, or sold for profit – and become rich while you’re at it.

Russ Dabley proclaims that his book will show you the A to Z, of financial notes. He says that within no time at all, you can become an expert notes-hunter and profitable broker. He takes pride in his “three-step” methodology to making money.

Dabley states that his techniques focus on real estate – but in a less risky way. He says that he can show you how to reduce fix-ups, cash investments, worn-out renters, and other high-risk factors.

The programme assumes that the original owner has a large amount of cash. So, he needn’t wait. And so when the buyer pays more than you, you are left with a huge profit.

We think that this process of making money can only work for people with links. Also, this programme comes with a ‘course-starter’ – which is priced at quite high...

Russ Dabley has re-inventd his company many times, in the last few years. But the stream of complaints against his programmes is steadily increasing. There are a lot of disgruntled people who have had a hard time getting a refund...

But the most popular criticism of Russ Dabley’s programmes is that of their complexity. People who’ve bought his books say that the material is overly complicated, and almost impossible to grasp by a beginner. And when they’ve asked for assistance, ANN has pushed them to buy more pricey material! And there’s almost no way out of this vicious circle – unless you buy all of Russ Dabley’s books...! There are lot of allegations that Russ Dabley has intentionally designed his books in a complex way...

Get wise, and give Russ Dabley and ANN a miss.

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