Work At Home Scams
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Wade Cook

Wade Cook considers himself to be an “expert direct marketer”. In the 1980s, Wade was involved in promoting his ‘Get Rich Real Estate’ program. Its effectiveness gave him the confidence to do more.

A long time ago, Wade Cook drove cabs for a living. Today, he’s a billionaire! For more than 20 years, Wade Cook has been claiming to tutor people on how they can make money through the stock exchange, and through the real estate market. He has made piles of money by teaching people how to get rich. The irony is that, no one, other than Wade Cook, got rich...

Wade Cook successfully sells his seminar programmes. He attracts a large crowd of eager customers through effective information marketing and seminar promotion. Each seminar costs anywhere between $3000 to $4000. But what the customers get out of it is big question mark...

In the 1980s, Wade Rich was neck deep in real estate deals. His business grew from strength to strength. And then one day, out of the blue, Wade Cook filed for bankruptcy. It shocked people, and almost everyone was suspicious. In fact, Wade Cook was charged on numerous cases for fraud and shady business practices.

After this, Wade Cook disappeared from the scene. When he returned from his hiatus, he had re-invented himself. This time round he came with a new scheme. The erstwhile “real estate expert” was now a “stock market and internet marketing guru”. This was in the 1990s, when everyone was eager to become rich through the Stock Market.

Wade Cook’s books get a lot of flak. And we think they deserve it. His books are nothing but a tasteless rehash of other books, from better authors. Wade Cook’s books have no original content, and you won’t find anything new or revolutionary in them.

Wade Cook has even started a ‘Cook University’ to market his breed of insipid books. A lot of people fall for the hype and end up losing a packet. Not many know that the Security Exchange Commission has investigated him for dealing with securities, without a licence...

Wade Cook is rich man. But he got rich by scamming people, and not through real estate or the exchange market. Keep your distance from this scam guru!